PIXHAWK GCS Video (Ground Control Station)


The new VIDEO shows the current state of the software. Our micro air vehicle ground control station has been merely a tool for system debugging up until a few weeks ago. We've added now some crucial features like a 2D moving map and some new “fancy” features like an OpenGL Head Up Display (HUD), speech synthesis and audio emergency alerts.

We're currently preparing a first public release of binaries and source code for “early adopters”, along with the open MAVLink communication protocol for micro air vehicles. The MAVLink communication protocol allows easy integration with other systems. The library is easy to use and sending a command through it to the ground control station can be as easy as this:

int status = MAV_STATUS_ACTIVE;
mavlink_send_status(COMM_0, status);

For a full mainloop-code example for a microcontroller, please head to the http://qgroundcontrol.org page.



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