IMU / Autopilot Toolchain

This page covers the toolchain to get, compile, flash and use the software of the pxIMU: Autopilot and IMU board. Just follow the toolchain installation steps below to install it.

File Overview

The autopilot software is structured into several folders, which are all build by a single Makefile. See also the written software documentation IMU / Flight control Software and the automatic generated API documentation: IMU/Autopilot API docs.

  • mavlink – comm protocol
  • imu_autopilot
    • arm7 – platform specific code for LPC2148
    • armcortex – platform specific code for Cortex M3/Cortex M4
    • conf – global configuration
    • hal – hardware abstraction layer, convenient hardware access
    • system – system services, such as communication, remote control, watchdog
    • controllers – flight controller code
    • fusion – sensor fusion, attitude and position Kalman filters

1. Getting Started

You have to install the LPC2148 toolchain for either Windows, Linux or MacOS to compile and flash the IMU firmware.

2. Download the source code

After the GCC compiler is installed, the next step is to download the source code with GIT and edit/compile with Eclipse.

3. Compile and Flash on the IMU

You have to install the LPC2148 toolchain for either Windows or Linux to compile and flash the IMU firmware.

4. Watch the output in QGroundControl

Please refer to the QGroundControl User Guide for information how to connect the IMU to the ground station software. To connect the 3.3V UART of pxIMU, please use either our pxFTDIx4 quad UART to USB adapter or the FTDI USB 3.3V cable



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